On December, 8th, 2007, on 15-th All-Russia Peter assembly, in the Stamp hall of Council of Federation of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation (Moscow) solemn rewarding winners and gentlemen national awards of a name of Peter Velikogo took place.

Heads " AKUB GROUP " were confered a decoration upon public awards of the Russian Federation for self-denying work for the blessing of Russia - Peter Velikogo's gold medals « For labour valour » (the Decision №20 from 04.12.2007, the Russian Public Commission on award of awards of a name of Peter Velikogo).

* В different time social recognition and awards was received by such outstanding persons as; First woman-cosmonaut Valentine TERESHKOVA, the inventor of the best in the world of a small arms Michael KALASHNIKOV, an outstanding scientist, Nobel prize winner Jores ALFEROV, the first President of Russia Boris ELTSIN, the national poet of Dagestan Rasul GAMZATOV, the president of the Russian Union of industrialists and businessmen Arcady Volsky, the Governor of St.-Petersburg of Valentine MATVIENKO, the Secretary general of United Nations Kofi ANNAN, the Secretary general of advice(council) Evroppy Walter SHVIMMER the President of Mongolian Republic Natsagijn BAGABANDI, the President of the World bank James VULFENSON, the President of Republic Tajikistan Emomali RAKHMONOV, Founder CNN Ted TERNER, Ex-chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation the President of Commercial and industrial chamber of the Russian Federation Evgenie PRIMAKOV, the Ex-chancellor of Federal Republic of Germany Helmut IF, the Ex-prime minister of the United Kingdom of the Great Britain and Northern Ireland Margaret TETCHER, the Ex-prime minister of Sweden Ingvar KARLSSON, The ex-prime minister of Italy and the President of European commission Romano PRODI, the Ex-president of the USA Bill KLINTON, the Ex-president of Australia Bean KHOUK, the Ex-president of Finland Martti AKHTISAARI, the founder and the president of fund of the World economic forum in Davos Klaus SHVAB, Ex-chairman of board of Russian Open Society " Gazprom ", Chairman of Board of directors of Open Society " Gazprom " Rem VYAKHEREV, the chapter(head) of corporation " Daimler-Chrysler " and chairman of committee of the help to the countries of Southern Africa YUrgen SHREMP, the chapter(head) of corporation " Scania " Lejf OSTING, the chapter(head) of corporation " Microsoft " Bill GEJTS, the President of publishing corporation " Pearson " Merdzhori SKARDINO, winners of years(summer) Olympic Games in Athenes of 2004, the President the Russian union of industrialists and businessmen Alexander SHOKHIN, the First assistant to Mayor of Moscow Vladimir RESIN, Dmitry MEDVEDEV, Alexey GORDEEV, Dmitry KOZAK, Sergey MIRONOV, Alexander VESHNYAKOV, Sergey SHOJGU, Oleg DERIPASKA, Alexander KARELIN, Joseph KOBZON, Alexander ROZENBAUM, The president of Chechen Republic Ramzan KADYROV, etc.
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