Managing company AKUB
Was founded in 2003. Manages and consults the companies about the realizations of business strategies.
Building company PRO RUS
Was founded in 2003. It specializes on the complex solutions of the problems connected with decorating and repair. Leads high-quality decorating works of high level of mechanization for the buildings of civilian, industrial, commercial, administrative assignment (Manufactures, offices, educational institutions, laboratories, gastronomic institutions and trade enterprises).
The construction firm "Horizon"
Was found in 2004 year. The main directions of company development are raised floors, module partitions, ventilating fronts & quickly raised buildings. The company presents progressive high-technology methods in building, using global partners' joint experience in Russia.
Architectural Workshop ALLarx
Founded in 2011. The main profile is: design of high-quality architectural environments and forms, as in residential, commercial, industrial and warehouse space, and energy projects. The workshop brings advanced high-tech solutions in the building, using the combined expertise of its global partner for Russia.
The association of hostels Apracsa
Was found in 2005. It grants accommodation to customers in economy-class rooms & also juridical escort to foreign citizens.
Distributor company GT
Was founded in 2005. The area of its functions is promotion of the right building solutions to the Russian market, presenting the leading European producers - Propex (USA), fiber; BUNKER (Italy), mechanization of the building works.
IT company RAIN IN
Company was found in 2003 and specializes in working out and introduction of the informational resources as a basis for future electronic environment of procession's participant's interaction. The main task is to create products affording to manage the information as a part of a strategic success, namely: to manage the possibilities of limits business, to increase the speed of reaction on the changes in environment, to raise the level of organization's structure's competence, to have own strategic informational resource, to reduce the value of transactions.
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