Today our sight is focused on the far future and it leaves the only priority aim - to save humanity and mercy in society. With all our heart we hope that are able to keep stability and harmony in society. And eventually that will strengthen peace and order in the world.

We take upon us overall responsibility for relationships in society, health and ecology where we make our business and where we live. We will use all available methods to improve these indices. We undertake to watch closely in the sphere of our influence, that our partners will also obey principles of our responsibility.

  • We observe the law of states, where we are engaged in our business.

  • We will avoid actions that can contradict to the principles of fair competition.

  • We undertake to engage our business on high moral and ethical level.

  • We are open for dialogs with those, whom we are dealing with. We efficiently and in proper time react on requests of the third side and exchange information with our partners.

  • We account to the state, society, environment where we work, to our colleagues and business partners and to the society in general.

  • We give equal opportunities to all people despite on their race, skin, gender, nationality, religious or ethical belongings or other distinguishing features. We will not allow demonstration of discrimination or sexual solicitation.

  • We always think beforehand about the influence of our activity on the environment and make decisions according to received facts.

  • We undertake to forestall and minimize negative influences on the environment and save natural resources.

  • We don't use methods and materials which can cause ecological pollution, if we possess appropriate alternatives. We recommend to our partners to use more appropriate conditions in any time when it is available.

  • We are not engaged in activity which is connected with ecological and social risks. We try to identify such risks in advance in order to make opportune and appropriate decisions.

    This appeal is timeless and devoted to perspectives of peace in the whole world.
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